Another great #tangledblue photo!

The music scene at @ltsphilly wish I had more time to hang around with these talented folks. #tangledblue #pakans #husbandandwife #LTSPhilly #lastdayinchapel #lastltspchapelservice #endofltspchapter

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December 2016: Coming Home

Hello, — Sometimes my body knows more than my brain. On our drive from Philadelphia to Minneapolis last week I should have been completely comatose tired. Aimee had driven a majority of the first half of the trip with our...

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November 2016: Some kind of wonderful

Hello, — I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m that vagabond musician who used to send you a little newsletter every six weeks (often with a song to download or video to view)… the guy who stands next...

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News from New Orleans!

News from New Orleans! Hello, — Aimee and I have returned to New Orleans after a short trip up north. We’re not letting the dust settle and will be heading out in an hour to meet up with a local trumpeter to chat...

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