Wild Man Sunday! Advent B2

Welcome to Wild Man Sunday! Here’s a little tune for your Wild Man Sunday Playlist / Soundtrack… The Lips of John (based in the readings for Advent 2B). This afternoon I’m remembering some of the wilder things I’ve done. Here are a few that have photographic proof…

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Yesterday’s Chapel Music

We get to assist in leading chapel music a couple times a week at the United Lutheran Seminary Philadelphia campus. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun. Yesterday we had an impromptu jam in the pre-service that very few folks heard. I was able to capture the last two minutes and listening to it brings a smile… we are richly blessed. I hope this finds you well, and I hope we see you soon, Joel

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Another great #tangledblue photo!

The most talented #tangledblue and I catch up here in #minnesota
These guys are amazing musicians, kindhearted & a humble couple. I had the privilege to play with them a couple of times in my seminary at #philadelphia
They had been on road touring for more than a month in #germany and in the #usa today was their first day off & they still came over to meet me 😍❤️ thanks guys y’all are the best & I love you! .
#pakans #husbandandwife #ltsphilly #mallofamerica #minneapolis #stpauls #twincities #north #musicians #drummer #bassist #acousticguitar #singers #songwriter #2pieceband

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