Month: June 2017

A little video from the Luther500

My first trip to Germany happened in 1994 when I was part of a theater group called the King’s Players. One of the traditions in that group was to “count off” before driving away from a gig to make certain no one from the troupe was being left behind. As this tour bus left the Wartburg Castle for Erfurt it gave me the opportunity to reinstate this tradition… here’s the video: count off!

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Another great #tangledblue photo!

Aimee receiving a robot blessing. Yes, the robot has “magic” hands AND they light up… I guess our future vocations aren’t as secure as we had thought… this was a great night that included a great close of day worship service at the Light Church led by Fabian Vogt. #luther500 #tangledblue

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Music in the streets of Bamberg

June 15, 2017 – I rose early this morning to write and walk the streets and was rewarded in so many ways. There is some sort of festival happening in Bamberg today; we can’t figure out exactly what it is and the lady at the front desk only knew that it’s a catholic church festival. The really interesting thing is that they are piping the service from the cathedral on the hill throughout the old town area with an elaborate speaker system, so the streets are filled with chants in latin and hymns in german. Here’s a video clip from the flower box outside our hotel room to give you a sense of what this sounds like… it’s pretty cool!

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