Welcome to Wild Man Sunday! Here’s a little tune for your Wild Man Sunday Playlist / Soundtrack…

The Lips of John (based in the readings for Advent 2B)
words and music by Joel Pakan
© 2008 Subtle Conversation Music (ASCAP)

Some say you’re dead, others just really quiet
Where is the fruit from your bed
Or the work of your hand?
Some say you’re lost, wandering in a desert
Some say count the cost
Of the days that are ahead
The storm is coming, it’s breath blows hot
It’s a furnace that cannot be sold or bought
The sun, the moon, and all these things
Are gonna fall away
They’re gonna fall away…

Some say you live and you’re coming very quickly
There’s a voice up ahead
Calling make this path straight
With locusts for bread
He could bite through any false pretense
But he will lose his head
For the same old song and dance
And there’s wild honey for the lips of John
But vinegar for the lips with an unending song
If what I consume is just to dull the pain,
Then let it fall away
Let it fall away, let these addictions fall away…

He leapt for joy once, he will do it again
But this flood’s exposed his roots
And the axe is sharpened
His dad was struck dumb, now he’s in this cage
I swear the vines of doubt snake from age through age

Some say you’re a star, a light in this darkness
You burn bright for sure, blinding those without need
Standing on this shore,
Knowing this current is what cleans
Though you hold no cure, you’ve held fast in this stream
And the Jordan runs muddy without a hint of grace.
But it’s still cool and clean now upon your face
Rub the scales now from your eyes, let them fall away
And all that hinders here, let it fall away…

This afternoon I’m remembering some of the wilder things I’ve done. Here are a few that have photographic proof…